True Story! Moe’s Original BBQ – A Class Act!

18 Feb

When we’re not making our own BBQ, we’re sampling it from places all around the US. On a recent trip to Vail, Colorado over the Christmas holiday, I had the pleasure of eating at Moe’s Original BBQ (a Southern Soul Food revival from a group of Alabama boys). While Moe’s has lots of locations (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado — The owners boast: “In ten years we have grown from a junkyard pit to 19 successful restaurants”) this is not a faceless chain. Aside from great BBQ (even my parents said it was outstanding and they are BBQ snobs from North Carolina) Moe’s serves up great service. Allow me a few moments to explain my story…

The first time we ate at Moe’s was on the Tuesday after Christmas. We liked it so much, we decided to bring it in for our New Year’s Eve dinner. We placed our order with the Lionshead location the day before in anticipation of the rush. But when we arrived around 6pm New Year’s Eve to pick it up, the place was closed. This struck us as very odd and we asked the store next to it what had happened. They didn’t know but gave us the phone number of one of the owners – Jeff Kennedy.

Jeff lives near Vail and we called him. His wife had just had a baby several days before but he was 100% focused on us. He apologized profusely, said he would get to the bottom of what happened, and offered to personally bring us dinner from another location about 45 min away in the meantime. We couldn’t do that to a new father so we declined and ordered Chinese food instead. We chalked it up to some misunderstanding at the Lionshead store which had probably run out of food due to the holiday. There is only one Chinese restaurant in Vail, so Jeff must have known where we were headed. When we went to pay the ticket (a meal for about 15 people) the manager told us Jeff had already paid for it.  Pure class.

You just don’t get that kind of service much these days. Thanks Jeff!

Moe's Original BBQ on Urbanspoon

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